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#279 THE CORPS! – WAVES 2 and 3 (II) (1990 and 1992)

We will now continue with the last article and take a look at the different blister types, designs and artworks for these two waves. 

Single cards:

Yellow card blisters from wave 2 (credits:

Black card blisters from wave 3 (credits: Ebay, seller: reinascalet2003)

Wave 2 blister cards were identical to those in the first wave, but with a yellow background instead of blue.
The packages were new designed for wave 3 in many aspects. First and most notably, the colour of the blister was changed to black, and the blister card shrank quite a bit. The artwork does not depict anymore the figure which is being sold, but Steve Wyoming.

In the pictures above, I have selected three characters: a new one (Chopper), an old one in v1 version (Boomerang Billie) and an old one in new "clothes" (Whipsaw). In the backcard are 30 figures depicted ("last 6" are missing because they were not released yet).

Double and triple packs:

Black card blisters from wave 3 (taken from eBay)

Similarly to single packs, yellow double and triple packs (2nd wave) include the artwork of the figures in each pack, while black packs (3rd wave) are all the same and include the artworks of Steve Wyoming and Brickwall (in an interesting green “variant”) (doubles) or Steve Wyoming, Lightning Mobutu and Sensei Kabuto (triple).

ATTENTION: I am reconsidering this, I think these sets were released later and the figures described (among others) belong to series 4 and 5... more information in next entries...
Something new in wave 3 are the “action packs”, in which some kind of accessory/ small vehicle is included. There are a motorbike, a jet sky and a strange cycle, each of them in two colour variants, each of them including a different figure. These had nice artwork depending on the vehicle, that’s three different illustrations.

Black card "action" blisters from wave 3 (credits:

Motorbike       Red                 Chopper
Motorbike       Grey                Fox
Jet Ski             Yellow             Shark
Jet Ski             Orange            John Eagle (v3)
Cycle               Yellow            Crowbar (v3)
Cycle               Blue                Whispering Willie

John Eagle and Crowbar are new "v3" versions, Crowbar is depicted above, while John Eagle has a completely orange outfit.

Additionally, there were some gift packs including more than one figure, or figures plus one of those action accessories… there were at least gift packs including 3 figures plus one accessory, 6 figures, 9 figures, 24 figures.

Gift Pack (image taken from: YoJoe forum)
From here on the information is correct again...

It is interesting to mention that some of the “new” figures in wave 2 were re-released in wave 3 and, although the figure remains unchanged, the weapons’ colour vary from one to the other. In the yellow packages, most figures (and most notably the 6 new ones) have black accessories, while in black packages, these accessories turned red or yellow/orange.

Weapons variant. Yellow card wave 2, black card wave 3 (credits: Ebay and

And to finish the article, 8 more figures: 

Whipsaw (v2)

This figure was recoloured to be some kind of desert trooper while v1 was more a jungle trooper. Both versions come with bare chest and both with camo trousers. Camo pattern in v2 is one of the strangest I have seen.

Large Sarge (v2)

Large Sarge is another character whose uniform has changed from jungle camo to desert camo. V2 is now light brown with dark brown camo and silver details. His bazooka is dark blue and his backpack orange, the usual change of colours from v1 to v2.

Jones (v2)

Another figure whose v2 came with different colours, although this time, these colours are not bright. Green jacket and light brown trousers with dark brown camo. The first version came with a brown jacket, as if it was Indiana Jones. The weapons are the grey gun and the rifle available with v1, only the rifle is dark blue instead of black.

Croc (v2)

Although it doesn’t look much like the first version, v2 came with very militaristic colours, including green camo over brown trousers and shirt. It is a slightly different approach. The figure came with a black missile launcher and a dark blue backpack. The same weapons were available with v1, but the backpack was black instead of dark blue.

Boomerang Billy (v2)

This figure is surely intended as a night trooper. First version came in orange uniform with black sleeves, while this one is blue with black camo and also black sleeves. The accessories (three boomerangs and a rifle) are dark blue instead of black and the backpack that keeps the three boomerangs is yellow/orange instead of light green.

Tony Tanner (v2)

This figure came originally with a jungle camo uniform that has now been changed to a greyish light blue with pink camo. I guess it is some kind of sailor troop uniform, or maybe a night force commando, who knows. The change however looks great and the figure seems to be a different one. Same weapons as v1: black rifle and two-pieced mortar.

Dragon Han (v2)

Ninjas and martial artist can wear what they want! This time, the grey kimono has been replaced by a purple one with yellow details. I think it is not a bad repaint. Weapons are the grey sai and a black nunchuk, just like v1.

Toxic Waster (v1)

This new figure introduces a new concept in the game… maybe influenced by the eco and environment care trend, corps designed a figure would also fit in the Captain Planet series: some kind of nuclear power plant worker, with some strange devices to clean radioactivity. The figure comes in purple, and include great accessories: a purple helmet, an orange backpack, a black cable and an orange device. The last three attach together. Great Figure.

Name: Toxic Waster
ISF No.: 00198
Equipment Specialty: Toxic waste neutralizer and reclaimer, chemical analysis backpack.
Tactical Speciality: Access and evaluation of hazardous chemical situations. Pathfinder for the elite group of toxoids.
Service History: Trained as a chemical engineer, specializing in neutralization processes. He was working as a nuclear physicist when ISF recruited him for an unusual mission. He decided to stay.
Professional Profile: One of the hardest Working guys in the security business. He is a walking library of chemical and technical data. The professor type, but when a situation occurs, it’s knuckles and knowhow.

  • Toy Line: the Corps! (waves 2 and 3)
  • Year: 1990 and 1992
  • Company: Lanard (Hong-Kong)
  • Size of the figure: 3 ½¨ or 8 cms.


  1. Tengo una duda sobre el “triciclo” verde que yo tengo... ¿sabes a qué figura o pack pertenece? Me llegó a través de un amigo y pensaba ponerlo con Crowbar v1 (es la única versión que tengo aunque debo mirar a ver si alguno fuera la v2)

    1. Pues el que tu tienes verde y amarillo es el primero de todos, venía con Crowbar V2 (prácticamente identico al v1) pero también en sets más grandes de varias figuras, por lolque podrías asociarlo también a otros personajes.


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