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Friday, May 24, 2013


After talking about Nacoral’s Chiqui-Cars and their 1:32's, I will use this entry to talk about, what is probably the most popular series made by this company from Zaragoza.

Inter-Cars or Intercars is the replacement line for Chiqui-Cars. Chiqui-Cars were made in some plastic compound (maybe butirate) similarly to Norev’s from the 60s.


Those Chiqui-Cars were quite successful in the late 60s, but by the end of the decade, metal casting was already common for most toy car manufacturers. If Nacoral wanted to keep its market shares, it would also have to adapt to modern types.

There was a first metal-casted series made that was sold under the name “Chiqui Cars Serie Metal” in 1970. The numbering system that was used to identify the models was a continuation of the ordinary Chiqui-Cars catalogue. They just added an “M” (from Metal) to the number.

For example, the Ford GT LeMans in the plastic series was reference number 2014, while in the new “Chiqui Cars Serie Metal” it was 2014M.

The cardboard box had a similar design, but it included for the first time a “window” as well as a flap on the back of the box with a hook to allow the box to be hanged in some kind of stand. From this series there were 11 different models, two of them with more than one version.

The Inter-Cars line officially starts two years later, in 1972, with new car models and new package design. That first year were 10 cars released, one of them (the Porsche 911 Targa Roadster) in Cabrio and Hardtop versions.

One year later, in 1973, there were more new models. Those were given a new numbering system, starting with Ref. 100, 101, 102… The Camaro shown in the pictures is number 103 and belong to this series. On the card of this series, there were references from 100 to 123 (ref. 119 is missing) and then a mysterious reference 1112 “Mini 1000 Rally”, whose difference is basically a plastic roof rack.

In the following years, that catalogue was expanded with new models. The higher reference number for cars was 130. Additionally, other lines of vehicles were released:

Refs. between 201 and 212 Trucks and Trailers
Refs. between 302 and 309 Prototype Cars, Dragsters…
Refs. between 501 and 506 Formula 1s
Refs. between 500 and 507 Military Vehicles

Why references between 501 and 506 were doubled is unknown to me.

If you’re interested in watching pictures of all those references, please visit this website.

Most Inter-Cars have practicable parts, and were built with great quality. The only weak point that these vehicles show are the wheels, made in some plastic compound that is, in many cases, deformed after 40 years. Note that the car in the picture has this problem. 

  • Name: CHEVROLET CAMARO (Ref. 103) 
  • Scale: 1:43 
  • Year: 1973 
  • Company: Nacoral/ Intercars (Spain) 
  • Size: approx. 9 cm

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