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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


The third and last book by Xavier Arumí devoted to the Spanish toymaker Exin has been released in December 2013. After “Exin: Su Historia” and “El Legado de Exin”, Xavier Arumí explores the origins of several iconic toys of Exin: Scalextric, Tente, Cinexin, Exin Castillos and Madelman. These toys were based on foreign toys, and were adapted to the national market and (in some cases) improved.

The book explains the history of several great toy companies like Kenner, Lego, Lines Bros, Tri-ang, Hasbro o Meccano, and how their original lines evolved until they were adopted by Exin.

In my opinion a great book, that you will read very quickly and enjoy very much. It is easy to read and informative at the same time. It is written with a very clear structure, so you don’t get lost, and believe me when I say, that the story can be quite twisted and intriguing, with several generations of people running the same (or different) enterprise(s) and producing/adapting/copying similar toys…

For me, this book closes a great trilogy, which is a must for all collectors interested in the history of this great toymaker.

You can acquire it (or any of the other two) here:

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