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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#436 GOOD TIMES - KULT! Nr. 10 (2/2014)

The new issue of Good Times (it is not “new” anymore, since it was released a few months ago) has again a bunch of articles related to toys, just as it happened in the ninth issue… great!

Toy articles that I’d like to point out:
-40 years of Playmobil
-Steiff (the famous German teddy bears)
-The toy industry in Sonneberg (Germany)

Especially interesting is the third one, written by Kati Naumann. It is a very long article talking about many small toy manufacturers that existed in this city some decades ago. The article contains lots of pictures.

For some reason, this last article has a layout with three columns, that in my opinion, makes it quite difficult to read. I guess the guys from Kult! have to fit everything in a certain number of pages…

The rest of the magazine contains as usual topics related to cars (Mercedes Class C), motorbikes (Yamaha XT 500), football (Schalke 04 from 1972), TV series, films, comic books, music or food (Sugus).

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