Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I like to publish from time to time entries with the news of the blog, new ideas, stats, and more, so here they come, all together.

First news is that we have now 200 entries and over 60.000 visits! The last 6-7 months the blog received over 5000 visitors/month and TFTP is still growing fast. I was amazed I made it to 100, now I am amazed I keep writing, and I always have a good time preparing each and every new entry... up to 200 entries now. I hope I can keep the pace of 11 entries per month for a long time.
Again, I’ll make a short review from my blog stats, as I did in my entry number 100.

Top Ten Articles:

Not many changes here since the last review, as predicted, Hero Quest entry reached number 1. The second (and last) new entry in the top ten is the article about Bunk Beds from the Action Force/G.I.Joe line, but only because somebody posted a link to it in a very popular forum, so I got like 500 clicks in 2 days. This entry should be out of the list by the next review. During a few days, the entry with the Ecto-1 deplaced 007's Aston Martin from place 10, but at this moment, James Bond is again in place 10.

Entries that could actually make in the top ten are by the next review are: #117 (Hasbro's WWF) and #141 (Repro boxes for Matchbox, Corgi, and so on)

Top Ten Countries per number of visitors:

No surprises here, the United Kingdom is slowly climbing to the second position, while all the others remain more or less the same. Only change: Russia substitutes Argentina.

Top Labels (most used):

I created this list at the right side of this window to help people recognise the entries with the most published articles. This are the list at this moment.

Histogram of label “year”: I tried to balance a little bit the articles, but toys from the late 80s and early 90s are still ahead. This won't be presumably changing...

I guess you have already noticed, that after each entry, now appear a few "recommendations" of similar entries. This great app is called "LinkWithIn" and can be downloaded for free here: It is easy to install, and is working great. Reduces a little the bound rate, increases the average time on site and "freshens" your old entries. I would recommend it to all of you that also own a blog. It is difficult to measure the real impact of that (and to say something like: "X percent more visits!"), but you will see much traffic coming each day from this application in blogger stats. Give it a try.

Another interesting point, is that I have been reading a bit about Google Adsense and was tempted to include it in my blog, does anyone have it? Are you receiving any money? I like my blog clean, as it is now, but, on the other hand, I would’t like to be missing good dollars for the contents I have uploaded. Many blog-gurus recommend to “monetize” blogs when they are over 5000 visits/month. I am investigating a way to include ads only for people coming from the searching machines (google, bing, yahoo…) but not for the people who come by regularly, which I consider is the fair way to do it. If somebody can give me a hint on this please comment below or send me a private email.

Thanks a lot for coming by, reading my blog and also for the comments and feedback! Much appreciated!

See you!

As an annex to this entry, a list of articles that have been updated since the last TFTP entry. If you liked it when it was published, you might like to check what's new...

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